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A Maintenance Technician, much like a health care professional, must anticipate, schedule and perform work on all different types of equipment based on multiple technologies – whether it be mechanical, electrical, electronic, hydraulic or pneumatic. These activities must be carefully prepared and made known in advance to other colleagues, because they often have a direct impact on the company’s productivity.

Main missions

  • schedule and perform work,
  • diagnose any malfunctions in the production & transformation equipment,
  • monitor facilities to make sure they are operating correctly.

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After having received my high school diploma in Industrial Sciences and Technologies & Sustainable Development, I continued my studies and earned a two-year diploma in Industrial Controls and Automatics before receiving my professional trade license. I first worked as a Technician in 2 different companies before getting hired at Everbal in June 2020.

Our “Electrical” Department is extremely multifunctional, as we not only manage all the programmes for the instrumentation and controls, but also work on the company networks. We participate in new works, as part of the project plans, and help with the selection of equipment and the plant facilities. We manage any problems on our electrical, pneumatic or hydraulic systems, together with the Mechanical Maintenance Department.

If I had to describe a typical day at work, without a doubt the first thing I do when I arrive is check on my computer if there were any incidents reported during the night. These problems are given top priority; then I look at all the project plans in progress that I have to complete.
Electrical maintenance in a paper mill is a really broad and diverse activity. There are many things you need to know, and since I would like to advance in my career, I have to constantly look deeper, beyond just troubleshooting, to better understand the parameters that need to be taken into account. I can then gain more experience and improve both the work and performance levels. I also have to be very conscientious, as I have to make sure my colleagues can work in complete safety. You have to strictly follow the procedures, because the hazards are real. In my personal life, when I’m not working I go running or ride my mountain bike whenever I can, so that I can clear my mind and feel refreshed when I come back to the plant.

« Electrical maintenance in a paper mill is a really broad and diverse activity. »


I received my high school diploma as a Machining Technician, and then completed a two-year degree program in Mechanics and Industrial Automation. I started my career as a Multi-skilled Technician in a major restaurant chain. I then began working in the energy industry on a household waste incinerator, where I was in charge of managing the furnaces for 4 years. I changed jobs within the group and was placed in charge of urban heating systems – these were in fact hospital heating systems in Reims. I then decided to return to the industrial sector, and I got my current job as a Boiler and Steam System Technician at the Everbal paper plant. I’ve been here for 3 years now.

I work directly on our 2 biomass boilers. I am responsible for accepting merchandise – mainly woodchips -and checking the humidity levels of the fuel. I also perform analyses on the water in the boilers, schedule the monthly preventive maintenance work and, when necessary, take care of any equipment failures.
The biomass boilers are very unique machines that require specialised skills, and I must admit I’m quite proud to have systematically reviewed how we monitor and replace our equipment and parts to make our organisation much smoother. You have to be rigorous to do this type of work, and also know how to work on your own because this job is essential for the supply of steam to the paper machine.

« You have to be rigorous to do this type of work, and also know how to work on
your own. »


I first received my high school diploma with a speciality in Industrial Equipment Maintenance. I then heard about Everbal when I did my professional training. They hired me right after I finished my studies in 2012.

There are 3 main areas in mechanical maintenance: responding immediately to resolve any technical problems; repairing machines; and last but certainly not least, performing preventive maintenance. This is scheduled each year, during the month of July, when we perform a technical shutdown. We take this opportunity to repair or replace many different parts that are subject to heavy loads during production. We prepare the new parts in the workshop before making the replacement. In certain cases, we call in external contractors, depending on the complexity of the operation or the type of equipment required for the work.
When you start working at this job, and in the paper industry in general, you realise that you need to learn and understand many different things, because everything we do will have a direct impact on production runs, and it’s only through hands-on work that you can gain the necessary experience!

« When you start working at this job, you realise that you need to learn and understand many different things. »

Evergnicourt, a matter of choice

Are you a city person or do you only swear by the great outdoors ? When you live here, you don’t have to choose between the two. Although Evergnicourt is in the Aisne department (02), it’s not even twenty miles from Reims so all the amenities and shops of the city are nearby. And if you want to get some fresh air, there are nature trails and a water sports centre not far from Evergnicourt where you can get away from it all !