Innovations for responsible production

A unique process for making recycled paper

For more than 40 years, the Everbal site has been exclusively manufacturing 100% recycled paper. Our company oversees end-to-end production through the manufacture of products from a rigorous selection of collected papers. We also optimise the resources we use, such as water and energy.

106 kilogrammes of used paper = 100 kilogramme of Everbal recycled paper

A manufacturing technique that is resolutely ecological

Our recycled papers mean 100% sustainable development

Our plant uses production methods with a hydroclone cleaner and pulping process that enable us to recover both fibres and fillers, limiting the loss of material to just 6%. This is a remarkable figure, all the more so since no chlorine agents are used. Other processes generate large amounts of waste in raw materials (from 30 to 50%), which then need to be eliminated.

Recycled papers, naturally!

The plant manufactures 50,000 tonnes of recycled paper a year in compliance with the most rigorous standards in terms of ecology, quality and finish. The paper machine is supplied with steam by two biomass boilers, which makes the whole production process environmentally friendly.

The boilers are fed with firewood and woodchips collected less than 100 miles from the production site. The ashes produced by the facilities are recovered for spreading on farmlands.

The plant has received the ISO 50001 certification and complies with energy management system requirements.

The use of biomass boilers means 20,000 less tonnes of CO2 emissions every year — the equivalent of 2,500 trips around the world by plane!

This approach goes hand-in-hand with the Everbal strategy to produce eco-designed papers that have received the Blue Angel and European Eco Label certifications.