Paper engineer

Paper engineering in all its glory

« To infinity and beyond » could be the motto of paper engineers. They are the true ambassadors of the profession, as you can find them in the heart of the action at the plant overseeing paper manufacturing or transformation processes, or working with external partners to develop or upgrade new innovations to help us improve our products and customer service.

Main missions

  • oversee and coordinate a production unit,
  • manage and check production quality,
  • be on the alert for new developments and alternatives for plant equipment.

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I started my career right after I finished the Pagora Engineering school in Grenoble. I chose this career
12 years ago because it requires a lot of time in the field, close to the action, which is something I never get tired of.
As a Production Manager, I provide assistance to all my co-workers so that they can carry out their work without a hitch. Here, we work in production teams made up of 6 people, and we have to respect production rates and quality requirements while striving to improve our industrial performances each and every day.

This job offers a great deal of variety–but also includes many challenges, whether it be replacing the pre-drying rolls or installing new equipment. We often work in confined spaces and have to make sure we don’t disrupt the smooth running of the plant. These types of projects require, depending on their size, preparatory work of at least 6 months, as we need to contact and select the suppliers, discuss the project with them and then make corrections to the drawings. The actual programme can only be kicked off once this study phase has been completed with assistance from the design office, which will then be responsible for the layout of the facilities.
In addition to the technical skills required to successfully complete these tasks, I also think a Production Manager always has to be curious and ready to delve deeper into all the aspects of paper machines. You also have to care about others and be a good people person.

« A Production Manager always has to be curious. »

Evergnicourt, a matter of choice

Are you a city person or do you only swear by the great outdoors ? When you live here, you don’t have to choose between the two. Although Evergnicourt is in the Aisne department (02), it’s not even twenty miles from Reims so all the amenities and shops of the city are nearby. And if you want to get some fresh air, there are nature trails and a water sports centre not far from Evergnicourt where you can get away from it all !