Paper machine operator

Discover the paper-making process

The Paper Machine Operator has tried and true experience managing all the steps in the paper manufacturing process, from the creation of the pulp through to the output on the mother reels. They simultaneously monitor all the interconnecting parameters on a series of screens. They must keep a watchful eye over the information, as it is the key to a successful production run.

Main missions

  • organise and oversee production,
  • continuously ensure conformity of paper products,
  • continuously monitor process parameters,
  • apply the health, safety, security and environment rules.

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After I received my Vocational Aptitude Certificate for electricians, I applied for a job at Everbal and began my career as a Multi-skilled Technician. I have been working here for 14 years now. I worked at all the different stations required to make the paper machine run properly, and then, through internal transfers, I was promoted to Paper Machine Operator.

In this job, you really have to keep close watch over all the parameters of the machine via a large number of screens. They allow us to act quickly if a correction needs to be made, whether it be for the pulp production or for changes in substances or colours, through to the production of the mother reels. The paper machine is of course the heart and soul of the production process, and investments are made regularly to keep it up to date. It’s really enjoyable to work on such a modern machine.
My job requires a high level of concentration, so whenever I get a chance, I like to go on hikes or go out with friends and family.

« My job requires a high level of concentration. »

Evergnicourt, a matter of choice

Are you a city person or do you only swear by the great outdoors ? When you live here, you don’t have to choose between the two. Although Evergnicourt is in the Aisne department (02), it’s not even twenty miles from Reims so all the amenities and shops of the city are nearby. And if you want to get some fresh air, there are nature trails and a water sports centre not far from Evergnicourt where you can get away from it all !