Production line manager

Learn how paper is transformed

The true maestro of the organisation, the transformation Line Manager sets the production schedule, controls the equipment, adjusts the work flow at the different interconnected stations, responds in case of problems and pinpoints areas for possible improvements. He also works closely with the teams to provide assistance, information and guidance based on the day’s priorities.

Main missions

  • organise production,
  • oversee the production equipment,
  • intervene and make adjustments during production operations,
  • respect and have others respect the health, safety, security and environment rules,
  • help to optimise operations.

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After receiving my diploma from a technical school in Computerised Mechanical Production, I began my career doing temp work in different towns. Then an acquaintance of mine helped me find a job with Everbal, where I have been a Production Line Manager for more than 9 years now.

It’s my job to transform reels of paper into different formats, using a cross-slitting machine. Using this machine can be very challenging: you have to cut a clean line throughout the transformation process while making sure that the format indicated in the order is strictly adhered to, all within the specified lead times. So being organised is of the utmost importance: you have to keep up with the production pace, be able to understand the customer order information, anticipate reel supplies and be ready to do whatever is needed on the machine. You also have to be familiar with the machine settings, which can vary greatly depending on the paper substance. The machine was built recently and provides high production rates, with one tonne of paper transformed per hour.
I also work as an instructor to train one of my co-workers. This enables us all to be multi-skilled so that we can smoothly perform all the tasks of the Production Line Manager.

« Being organised is of the utmost importance: you have to keep up with the production pace. »


After several stints as a temporary employee, and then a job in the paper industry for 4 years, I was hired by Everbal in 2013. At the plant I work as a Multi-skilled Technician, which means that I can do the job of a Forklift Operator, Winder or a Line Manager on the laminating machine, depending on the priorities of the plant.

For the work on the laminating machine, two reels of paper are unrolled simultaneously and then bonded together to form a single layer of thicker paper that is collected at the machine outlet on a single reel.
This work requires a lot of organisation and anticipation, because the machine has a high production rate when at full speed and you don’t want to get overwhelmed. The adjustments made during production require a lot of dexterity and a trained eye. The safety rules must be strictly followed, as there are hot spots that need to be checked and the loads that we move with the hoist can weigh as much as 1.5 tonnes. This means you have to be rigorous and physically involved in the work.

« This work requires a lot of organisation and anticipation. »

Evergnicourt, a matter of choice

Are you a city person or do you only swear by the great outdoors ? When you live here, you don’t have to choose between the two. Although Evergnicourt is in the Aisne department (02), it’s not even twenty miles from Reims so all the amenities and shops of the city are nearby. And if you want to get some fresh air, there are nature trails and a water sports centre not far from Evergnicourt where you can get away from it all !