Evercopy Performance

A multi-purpose recycled paper goes green

  • 100% recycled fibres, collected locally,
  • natural whiteness 120 CIE,
  • Blue Angel certification,
  • production 100% Biomass Energy,
  • packaged in a recyclable ream wrapper.


Evercopy Performance has remarkable technical characteristics, which are ideal for your office applications. This multifunctional paper is ecological as well, only generating 6% of waste in its production. The rigorous selection of recycled raw materials for manufacturing produce the natural white colour and have earned it the renowned “Blue Angel” certification.

The top labels in recycled paper

100% recycled, with no deinking or bleaching, these papers offer the same high quality as non-recycled papers and are filled with virtues. Their production requires fewer resources and they generate less air and water pollution.

Their environmentally-friendly qualities have earned these papers the German “Blue Angel” label, which is extremely demanding in terms of technical criteria and environmental requirements. Everbal papers also comply with the FSC recycling certification.